Litversations, The Game

Book Conversation Starters

Readers, Book Clubs, Educators

  • These questions open up a refreshing dialogue with new and interesting perspectives.
  • A fun interactive ice breaker
  • Helps others understand other interpretations of the story
  • Promotes richer exchanges and inspires thought
  • Great for authors to take along to gatherings
  • Great gift for book lovers and book clubs
  • Helps discussions stay on track and active
  • Great for ages

 Authors: These cards are great to take along when visiting book clubs, just in case the conversation get a little slow, and they make a wonderful gift to the book club. Also I know some authors say how hard it is to write discussion questions about your books, these questions can aide you in creating some thought provoking questions.

Teachers and Parents:

In researching I chose two teachers to test these game cards. Each teacher (Middle and High School) used the cards to either have a discussion in class about a book they read or they were used as homework questions and the feedback I got back was inspiring!

The students really got into a great discussion and a much better concept of the story and structure of creative writing. I’ve just recently have had 2 college professors purchase.

Parents: Play with your children to help them get a better grasp of comprehending the story and characters.


Reviewers, Bloggers, Interviewers and Online Chat facilitators:

Spice up your posts and interviews with some fresh questions that will get people talking and commenting. Open ended questions are a great way to get your followers to talk back to you Online Chat facilitators: These questions are helpful in keeping the chat going.

Ready to get your game on? The conversation has changed to a LitVersation!