J.L. Campbell reviewed Simply Said Reading Accessories — 5 star

I can’t say enough good things about Ms. Owsley and the service she provides. Not only did she supply all the promotional material I needed for my first book event at a reasonable cost, she also helped create an appealing display on site.

She has a wealth of knowledge as it pertains to promotion, and is my go-to person for giveaways readers will appreciate and cherish. I can recommend this provider without any hesitation. She’s patient, her service is quick, and she’s a pleasure to do business with. Love me some Simply Said Reading Accessories!


LitVersation is A MUST HAVE for book club and authors who are looking to step outside of your normal book club discussion questions!


#EyeCUReading Approved & Highly Recommended!

Authors, if you haven’t tried Debra Owsley’s (Simply Said Reading Accessories Lit Kit), you are missing out on some awesome products that will help promote your books and your brand. Debra customizes the kits unique to the author. I was amazed at her vision for my table display for BRAB’s book event last October. She is very detailed and easy to work with. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted or needed until she made a few suggestions. She is an expert in helping you come up with a product theme for your book. She even designed beautiful labels with my brand for compact mirrors which were part of a theme for my book, Mirrored. She personalized my thank-you cards, bookmarks, etc. If that’s not enough, she assisted me in setting up my table during the event. If you don’t have a monthly budget for the subscription to Lit Kit, please give her bookmarks or any book accessories a try. Personalized bookmarks make great gifts to your readers. You won’t be disappointed.

Debra Owsley of Simply Said Reading Accessories has provided me with customized items for my brand. Her attention to the details of my image and my stories has made each Lit Kit and other accessories she has sent, outstanding. She asks questions and isn’t satisfied until she hears that I “LOVE” not just likes one of the ideas she has shared. She is professional, prompt and personable and I’d recommend her to all of my author friends.

Authors, get your Lit Kit now! Debra Owsley’s Lit Kit has been one of the best investments I’ve made as an author. Every quarter I’m excited to see what Debra has done. I’m not ashamed to admit I find myself not wanting to give away my goodies! What I like most about the Lit Kit service is that Debra will customize the box, making it unique to the author. And yes, she will have a phone conversation with you to make sure you’ll be satisfied with the final product. I can tell when I get my box that her goal was to please me as a customer. My last box she included these really cute fans as a theme for the title of my book Caliente Nights! I would have never thought to do that! My favorite thing in my boxes were the music CDs, which readers love! The personalized note cards and bookmarks. My Lit Kit box was a hit at BRAB’s book event last fall. The readers really enjoyed the swag items. I also use my goodies to send readers a treat or two in the mail. Authors, this box is worth the investment. Please give it a try!
Sistahs On the Reading Edge Book Club having a Lit Versation! Thanks Debra Owsley!