Lit Kit FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I receive my kit?

You have 3 options. Monthly, bi-monthly or custom. The monthly and bi-monthly kits will ship out the first week in the month. You will be sent a tracking number. Custom kits can be sent out at anytime because they are specially ordered.


The price of the kit is $35.00 per month plus shipping. You will receive an array of custom and bookish promotional materials.  All are well thought out, some are themed towards your book, the season, your genre or just people loving on books!

If you subscribe and pay for the 3 monthly $35.00 subscription, you will get an extra special “thank You” gift with your third delivery. Trust me you will love it! I am always thinking and seeking the best ideas to help you market yourself.

Can I see what’s in the kit?

You will get some custom items depending on the design I create for you. The other working pieces included, may not be available at the time you subscribe. Each kit is different, so to prevent confusion and keep the element of surprise I can’t show the items in your kits. But know for sure you and your readers will be delighted.

If I love something in the kit, can I order more or order an extra kit?

YES! My hope is that you love everything and that you will want more. Also if you have a special event coming up, let me know, I can create a special kit for you within the monthly kit price range.

“I write in more than one genre, can I change the profile information at times?”

Yes! I have several authors who write across many genres. I will be able to accommodate you. Please let me know, by email 2 months prior.

Will there be suggestions on how to use the items in the kit?

Yes! Each month you’ll receive a mini plan for each kit, offering marketing tips and ideas on how to get more readers and activity on your social networks.

Do you offer mailing services?

Yes, if you want your items mailed from here, from you, I can do that too for an additional fee

What if I want to unsubscribe?

I hope you won’t and if there is anything I can do to make that not happen, please email me If you still want to, email mail before the box is sent out and I will stop the subscription.

What can I expect in these kits?

Note cards, bookmarks, pens, book thongs, book plates, novelty items, small gifts, table display items. There will be a custom item or items in each kit every month. I work with several vendors and artisans who do bookish treats.  Again I am always searching for lovely bookish treats for book lovers like myself, and those readers like me!

Are all kits the same?

Nope! No 2 kits are exactly alike, you may have some items that are the same but I do focus on your book or genre and do custom pieces for each kit.

What is the purpose of these kits?

The mission of these kits are to help you reach out to your readers, may it be a note with a trinket inside, a reward for being a great fan, for writing an awesome review, contest prizes, support rewards or even gifts for clubs that you visit. Lit Kit is created to increase your interactions and activities with your fan base. These are tokens of your appreciation for their support. It’s also a great way to sample products you may want to purchase more of. I am offering you a way to reach out to 122 to 288 and more readers a year and help promote more activity and relationships with those followers.

Can I order all of my kits at once?

Yes! If you want all at once you can. 3,6,9 or12 months of Lit Kits will be curated just for you and you will receive extra perks and products.

Can I suggest the items I want in my kit?
Sure! Any suggestions are welcomed, and some can be customized. Once you fill out the Profile Questionnaire, I’ll base your Lit Kit contents or the answers. It’s pretty detailed so I’ll know which direction to go. If you are looking for specific items, I’ll be glad to assist you.

How will you create my Lit Kit?

Once you sign up, I’ll send out a extensive questionnaire so I can have all the facts about your books, characters, your likes and dislikes, genre etc.

Are you ready to Your Lit Kit?

If the answer is YES!

Order your Lit Kit at Lit Kit A is  $35.00, $6.75 plus priority shipping