Lit Kit

What is a Lit Kit

This Authors Promotional Tool Kit, is a marketing and promotion subscription. It’s a monthly or bi-monthly subscription kit that has the cleverest “bookish” treats and needful things that readers love and are great marketing and promotional tools for you to use. This kit has been curated just for authors.

The Lit Kit will help you;

  • To Sell More Books
  • Build better relationships with your readers
  • Get more reviews
  • Get more views VIA social media and more interaction and activity with your audience and new readers
  • Save time
  • Have more fun marketing and promoting your books or services
  • I do the research and shopping for you
  • Gain more subscribers to your mailing lists
  • Have inventory at hand always
  • You’ll always be ready so you won’t have to Get Ready
  • Have instant prizes for your spontaneous marketing ideas
  • A second set of eyes and hands to help your promotional efforts

How the Lit Kit Works

Each month, (depending on which kit you choose) you will receive several ways to reach out to fans, that some at most, will require only a stamp to mail. Just think about the readers you interact with monthly.  Pick a few of those readers to mail a little something to. It could be a Thank You note or a note with a treat enclosed. Your fans will be thrilled with a hand written note from you, and a treat makes it even sweeter. Fans’ getting a birthday note from you is an awesome surprise and they will be appreciative of your thoughtfulness. Seasonal things like beach reads, Christmas, awareness months will also be included in the themes at times.

You also may want to use these kits to stock up inventory for an event, blog tour, pre-release incentive or a release/launch party. These treats also make wonderful hostess gifts.

Some of the products you will receive will be custom to you, your book, your brand or your services, depending on which Lit Kit you subscribe to. (These kits are for authors, promoters, service providers, event planners, marketers and publicists) Others will be genre or theme related, book/reader related or some adorable treat that your readers who receive them will use and cherish. Think about how many new loyal readers you can gain in a year and think about the posts and shares you’ll receive!

You may want to run a contest and collect email address and use these items as an incentive. You can also do a gift with purchase for the first 20 who buy your book. Each month there will be a Tip Sheet included featuring many ways and tips to use this kit. If you love something you get in a Lit Kit, you can always order more of those items.

I won’t send in a decorated box, what’s inside is more valuable than a decorated package, and it’s not cost effective.

There are 2 subscriptions available

$35.00 You’ll be able to reach out to at least 24+ people or more with this Lit Kit, depending on how you choose to use this package. A detailed idea list will come with each Lit Kit

Custom: Prices Varies but can be designed to the $35.00 Lit Kit with a small additional fee. Consultation required.

Postage is not included.

The contents of your Lit Kit will change monthly and will be different unless otherwise requested. If you love a particular item, you can request that item or package again.

You first Lit Kit will whet your appetite. Get you stamps ready, you don’t have to go to the post office either, just hand them to your mail carrier!

The Lit Kit is a monthly subscription that will keep your interactions with your readers consistent and is a great way to stock up for future releases, contests and events.  It will contain note cards, bookmarks, a few small gifts that can be included in with the note and envelopes to mail. All you would need to do is write the note, add a stamp and drop in the mail.

Order your Lit Kit at Lit Kit A is  $35.00, plus $6.75 for priority shipping NOW!