How To Play

  • There are several ways to play. Each person in the group picks 5 cards from the freshly shuffled deck. The moderator asks the first question from the card chosen, and lets the person next to them answer. 
  • The question goes around until everyone has answered. The next person asks the next question and repeats the above steps. The game continues until all questions are answered. The conversation may spin off into another direction, but that’s ok, it’s part of the fun!  
  • You can also divide up into 2 teams! Pick an opposing side from the story, or Protagonist VS the Antagonist. The team, who makes their points, wins that round. If no one liked the book, discuss why and how it could have been better. You can pick a card as you go to keep the element of surprise.
  • You can have your Lit-versation©® members’ act out the characters or answers for even more fun! Allow the Lit-versation©® to flow freely, letting everyone to express their views.
  • There is no right or wrong way to play, just have FUN!
  • I also included questions should you have an author attend your discussion!

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