Recently, I’ve added a new project to my collection, and I would like to introduce it to you and your group. I have created a Book Conversation Game, I’ve named LitVersations.

Lit-Versations©® The Book Conversation Game


Lit-Versations©® The Book Conversation Game is a project I’ve worked VERY hard to bring to life for over two years. This idea came to me while listening to people discuss books and being interviewed asking the same questions over and over again. It was like the same questions, different book and same questions different author. I wanted meatier questions; questions that were open ended and lead into a deeper conversation,  a real Lit-Versation!



 So I created the questions I wanted to ask, 70 questions to get the  Lit-Versation started!

  • These questions open up refreshing dialogue with new and interesting perspectives.
  • A fun interactive ice breaker
  • Helps others understand other interpretations of the story
  • Promotes richer exchanges and inspires thought
  • Great for authors to take along to gatherings
  • Great gift for book lovers and book clubs
  • Helps discussions stay on track and active
  • Great for ages

Book clubs and Reading groups:

  Take your book club discussions to a whole new level with this fun and interactive game that lets everyone come away satisfied about truly discussing a book.

There are several ways to play. Each person in the group picks 5 cards from the freshly shuffled deck. The moderator asks the first question from the card chosen, and lets the person next to them answer. The question goes around until everyone has answered. The next person asks the next question and repeats the above steps. The game continues until all questions are answered. The conversation may spin off into another direction, but that’s ok, it’s part of the fun! You can also divide up into 2 teams! Pick an opposing side from the story, or Protagonist VS the Antagonist. The team, who makes their points, wins that round. If no one liked the book, discuss why and how it could have been better. You can pick a card as you go to keep the element of surprise. You can have your Lit-versation©® members’ act out the characters or answers for even more fun! Allow the Lit-versation©® to flow freely, letting everyone to express their views. There is no right or wrong way to play, just have FUN! I also included questions should you have an author attend your discussion!


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These cards are great to take along when visiting book clubs, just in case the conversation get a little slow, and they make a wonderful gift to the book club. Also I know some authors say how hard it is to write discussion questions about your books, these questions can aide you in creating some thought provoking questions.

Teachers and Parents

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In researching I chose two teachers to test these game cards. Each teacher (Middle and High School) used the cards to either have a discussion in class about a book they read or they were used as homework questions and the feedback I got back was inspiring! The students really got into a great discussion and a much better concept of the story and structure of creative writing. I’ve just recently have had 2 college professors purchase.



 You can use these cards with your club and your children!!

Reviewers, Bloggers, Interviewers and Online Chat facilitators


Spice up your posts and interviews with some fresh questions that will get people talking and commenting. Open ended questions are a great way to get your followers to talk back to you

Online Chat facilitators

 These questions are helpful in keeping the chat going

Ready to get your game on? The conversation has changed to a LitVersation

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Order at  The game is $21.99 and the Game and Tee shirt is $35.99 NOW!